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Sunday, May 29, 2011

XBox LIve is on a BANNING spree because of a hacker!

I must post this as I am extremely frustrated and PISSED off because XBOX permanently suspended my sons account because of a hacker.  My son was playing a War game and was invited into a room to play.  He noticed something really strange about the match that he was playing in.  When it was over, he left. Then when he logged back in to his game he was given a message that his account was PERMANENTLY SUSPENDED.  I called xbox to try and get this resolved and was told to go to the Forums and make the complaint there.  So I did.  The next morning there was a response telling me that my son was spreading malicious threats and viruses in his game. I tried to explain to them that he did not intentionally do anything wrong that he was invited into a game lobby to play.  The refused to reinstate the account and strongly encouraged me "not to post any more OR ELSE".

I checked on Google to see if there was anything about xbox banning people and apparently on the website for the game that my son was playing says:

"It seems that Microsoft is on a banning spree. It's being reported that Microsoft has banned up to one million players from Xbox Live, because they have been playing on modded Xbox 360 consoles."

My sons console is NOT modded and has NEVER even been opened.  For those 1 million people that were banned because of a hacker were not even given a refund.  And most everyone are Gold Members because instead of paying $9.99 per month, they only have to pay $59.99 per year. So now microsoft has aquired $60 million dollars of FREE money.  Granted, some of these people that were banned DID deserve to be banned...but when I looked on their forums...dozens and dozens and dozens of people were complaining of the SAME THING I did.

This is totally not fair and if anyone else has been going through the same thing...I would appreciate ANY feedback or advice.  It's not like I can shell out another $60 so my son can play.  I pretty much call this ROBBERY!!