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Monday, July 11, 2011


Ever since the verdict was read, I have had a very hard time dealing with how a jury could be so senseless in their decision to let a murderer go.  I'm hoping that this petition that was started 4 days ago will generate enough signatures to get Casey Anthony back into a FEDERAL court and have her tried CORRECTLY.
While Casey Anthony was acquitted of first-degree murder, aggravated child abuse, and aggravated manslaughter of a child, by the State of Florida, it is our belief that Casey Anthony should be found guilty of homicide and a variety of other Federal crimes, in a US Federal Court, under the Dual Sovereignty Doctrine. Please sign this petition if you would like the FBI to provide the US Attorney's Office with the evidence surrounding the Casey Anthony case. This petition will be forwarded to the US Attorney's Office at the Middle District of Florida, upon receiving an adequate number of electronic signatures of this petition. We will also be providing the US Attorney's Office at the Middle District of Florida with a completed copy of their Citizen Complaint Intake Form, so that they may forward this petition, along with their Citizen Complaint Intake Form to the FBI. This will, hopefully, play a role in having the FBI forward their evidence, surrounding the Casey Anthony case, to the US Attorney's Office at the Middle District of Florida. Please sign this petition today to help get justice for Caylee Marie Anthony in US Federal court.  Also, please share this with everyone you know!
Just one example, where it appears that Casey Anthony is committing a Federal crime, can be viewed in the following  video, where she lies to FBI agent, Nick Savage.  Beginning at 5 minutes and 25 seconds into this video, Casey Anthony begins to speak about how her goal is to find Caylee and how she believes her daughter is still alive: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1WAKNI4b6x8 .  According to Casey Anthony's own defense, she already knew that her daughter was deceased by this point.
The above video does not show any of the lies that she was already convicted for, on the state level.
Please Share this petition on Facebook, Twitter, and with your email contacts.  Also, if you have an extra couple of minutes, you can also go to Facebook and conduct a search for Facebook pages that are related to this topic.  On most of those pages, you can "Like" the page and then you'll be able to post a link to this petition there.  Thank you to everyone who helps share this petition!