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Sunday, November 1, 2015

MPC and ADORNit Coloring Book Hop

Hey Everyone.  Welcome back to another awesome blog hop featuring another fantastic product from ADORNit.  Their coloring books.  These babies are full of delightful images using heavy artist paper that's great for watercoloring, colored pencils, markers, acrylics, you name it.

The books I'll be coloring out of are

For my first project I used a piece of art from my This 'n That Book by Lindsay Ostrom.  As soon as I saw it, I knew in an instant I would be coloring it for my first "whatever" project.

I watercolored the whole image and then painted the outer edges with gold acrylic paint.  I mod podged the image onto a plaque I had and waited for it to dry.  Then I aded some detail to it like the pearl drops.  I added eye screws and wire for the hanger and voila!!....a cute home decor item.

My next item is from the Christmas coloring book also by artist Lindsay Ostrom.  I made a quick and easy Christmas plaque using heavy chipboard/mat board.  I added some Stickles and Tinsel glitter for sparkle and flower pearls that looked like snowflakes for some pop. The swirls were painted using Yasutomo Shimmer/Pearlescent Watercolor Paints.  I punched holes and added eyelets to add some MayArts twine to use as a decorative hanger.

Now, I had two other cards, but my dog knocked them down into their water so I have to quickly make two more projects.  But those are the two I have so far.  Please come back and check for my others.

**Newly added project:  Here is my newest project I just finished.  Chip Sample Christmas Ornament!
 For this I simply Mod Podged the art onto the chip sample (You can get these for FREE at Home Depot in the kitchen counters section).  In this case, I had to punch a hole through so I added an eyelet and strung some MayArts twine through and added a couple of beads.  The Stickles still sparkles through the Mod Podge.
 Isn't that the sweetest face ever??????

I have one more project coming....

AND here it is...FINALLY....

This is from the Christmas Coloring Book.  I painted it using the Yasutomo Pearl Paints.  Then embellished the snowflakes and dots with pearl drops and Stickles.  As well as a die cut layered snowflake and a cute charm. This one was fun to do because it was "coooold" lol.

You can purchase these incredible coloring books by going to their site: http://www.adornit.com/scrapbooking/art-play/coloring-books/

My clue word is: Color

Next on your hop is MariLynn.  Thanks for visiting.  Don't forget to leave some love :)

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  1. I really LOVE both of your wall hangings! The first one is so colorful and it just makes me smile! The Christmas one is perfect for the Christmas Season! I always love having special decorations that just come out for the holidays! Love the addition of the sun charm and the pearl drops to the first project!

  2. Love the idea of making wall hangings for the pages.
    I love the Christmas tree. The "whatever" page is fun.
    All the extra embellishing.
    thanks for sharing.

  3. I love your idea of making wall hanging using the colouring book pages. I think its a brilliant idea.. Thanks for sharing :)

  4. That "whatever" project is to die for !! I absolutely LOVE it !!! And I love everything Christmas so your projects are 100% perfect !!!!

  5. love love love what you did with my coloring books. Especially the Christmas tree!!!! Fabulous!
    - Lindsay

  6. So creative! I too love your wall hangings. Great job.

  7. So creative! I too love your wall hangings. Great job.

  8. Gorgeous projects! I love all the dots you added to your beautiful coloring on the first project. And I love the "just choose happy" sentiment!

  9. I love your wall hangings. Your house sounds so busy that I don't know how you find the time to create, but I'm glad that you do.

  10. LOVE the embellishments....so Creative...P R E T T Y!!! TFS!!!

  11. Terrific home decor!
    Great coloring and
    beautiful work on images.
    Carla from Utah

  12. Love the washed color look. And I believe everything is better with *some* sparkle.

  13. Adorable projects. Love the coloring, painting on all your projects. TFS

  14. These are so gorgeous! I want to get my hands on all the coloring books, but especially the Christmas! Love the tree!

  15. Really wonderful creations. I love the richness of the wall art.

  16. Oh my goodness! LOVE these!!!

  17. Gorgeous wall at. Love your rudolf though. He was my favorite Love your creativity and coloring.

  18. they are all so stinking cute, what wonderful projects

  19. FABULOUS images and BEAUTIFUL colouring!!!
    LOVE them ALL, especially your "whatever" project - I want to CHOOSE HAPPY too :)

  20. I love how on the first one each little square is colored on it's own, really makes a fun & interesting wall-hanging! very nicely done ;-)

  21. Eek these are sooo cute. I love your Christmas creations and the wall hanger is so cute. I love the embossing you on some of the images. GREAT WORK!!!

  22. Lovely work! These Christmas images are adorable!

  23. Creating Chip board ornaments from the coloring pages is so very clever! I absolutely must do this! What a great way to add pizzazz to Christmas Gift Giving!
    Thank you so very much for sharing! May you have a blessed holiday with your family.

  24. LOVE your 2 New projects.....Rudolph & Baby It's Cold Outside - Let it Snow!!!
    THANKS for Sharing!!!

  25. LOVE your 2 New projects.....Rudolph & Baby It's Cold Outside - Let it Snow!!!
    THANKS for Sharing!!!

  26. WOWZERS! Your projects are amazing! I really love the wall art with the hearts and the flowers but EEEK your holiday ones are awesome! Carri~Abusybee